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Sorry for the last-minute shout out, but I just learned that the American Museum of Natural History is putting on an Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate at 7:30pm EST, and it’s free to watch on USTREAM.  The topic will be the recently discovered neutrinos that may or may not travel faster than light.  Neil deGrasse Tyson will be hosting, so there’s guaranteed entertainment.  We’ll see if we can post some notes up in the aftermath.  Enjoy!

“What’s New in Science?” part deux, Chemistry edition!

UK College of Arts and Sciences has released the second video in their round table discussion series,Whats New in Science. If you missed my last post (link below),  Whats New in Science is a way for the University of Kentucky and local schools in Fayette and surrounding counties to create a two way dialogue about cool and interesting stuff in science with scientists, teachers and the general public. These are free and open to everyone, so if your in the area check them out. You can register here… or if you can’t attend them, look on this site for continued coverage.

Part deux focuses on Chemistry with organic and materials chemistry researcher, John Anthony.   He put together a lighthearted discussion about the implications/ roles of chemistry in life (emphasis on organic chemistry)that made it interesting and digestible for the classroom. He also gives some funny historical accounts of chemistry in general. As I promised before in my last post, discussing the the Big Bang, dark matter, dark energy and the universe, the video is below. Props to the team involved, they put together a good looking video.  You can also view the video here on the Arts & Sciences site with the Q&A session transcribed.

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